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Semi Permanent Make up HHBTA courses

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Semi Permanent Make up HHBTA courses
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Entry level: Level 3 Anatomy, however please check with your Insurance
  • Model required: Yes
  • Cost: £2,999.00 (inc. VAT)

Course syllabus

  1. DAY 1
  2. Introduction to Semi-Permanent Make-up
  3. Health, Safety & Hygiene
  4. Equipment and Tools
  5. Eyebrow Shaping Techniques
  6. Eyebrow Practical
  7. DAY 2
  8. Skin tones
  9. Lip Liner Techniques
  10. Lip Blush Techniques
  11. Lip Practical
  12. DAY 3
  13. Business & Marketing
  14. Colour Theory
  15. Eyeliner Techniques
  16. Eyeliner Practical


All our courses carry CPD points.

Once you have completed the course successfully, you will receive an accredited certificate, allowing you to gain insurance and start up your new business. This course is accredited by the following organisations:

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Booking dates

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